Celebrating Our Masonic Civility Ambassadors

Within the George Washington Union, we take great pride in our members who have chosen to participate in the Masonic Civility Ambassadors Program. This exceptional initiative, hosted by the Worldwide Civility Council (WCC), unites Freemasons from various lodges worldwide in a common mission to foster civility and compassion in today's often divisive world.

Our dedicated Masonic Civility Ambassadors exemplify our shared values of tolerance, brotherhood, and unity. As individuals committed to making a positive impact beyond our Fraternity, they play an active role in promoting Civility both within our own ranks and in the wider community.

We are deeply thankful for Brother Russ Charvonia, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of California, for starting this monumental program and making it available for society. Our work is for society, transcending the boundaries of Freemasonry for the greater good of our communities. With the support of visionary leaders like Brother Charvonia, the Masonic Civility Ambassadors stand as a beacon of hope, spreading the principles of Civility far and wide.

The role of a Masonic Civility Ambassador involves articulating the principles of Civility to their fellow Brothers and Sisters, encouraging these values to take root within our Fraternity. Beyond our lodges, these ambassadors extend their reach to service clubs, youth organizations, civic groups, and local officials, advocating for Civility as a guiding force in society.

We celebrate and support our Masonic Civility Ambassadors, as they carry the timeless essence of Freemasonry into the broader world. With their dedication and training, they become beacons of respect, empathy, and understanding, illuminating the path towards a more compassionate and united future.

As the George Washington Union, we take pride in the commitment of our members to this universal Masonic program. We applaud their efforts in fostering Civility and invite all within our Fraternity to explore this rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the world. Together, let us stand united, guided by the principles of Freemasonry, and be an example of positive change for generations to come.

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