Membership and Visitation

To be considered as a candidate for initiation to one of our lodges within the George Washington Union, several key attributes are valued. Firstly, one must meet the legal age requirements in their respective country. Additionally, having a good heart is essential, emphasizing the importance of empathy and compassion in our journey as Freemasons. Being "free" from prejudice and dogma reflects our commitment to fostering an inclusive and accepting environment. Equally vital is the dedication to embark on a lifelong quest for truth, achieved through constant reflection, introspection, and outward altruism.

The George Washington Union embraces a diverse and inclusive approach to Freemasonry. We welcome Freemasons initiated in different Masonic traditions and streams, acknowledging the rich tapestry of our shared heritage. This includes all-male, regular Freemasonry in the Anglo-American tradition. Each lodge within our Union has the autonomy to admit visitors from different traditions if they choose to do so, fostering camaraderie and mutual understanding among brethren. Moreover, we encourage affiliations from responsible Masons of diverse traditions, reinforcing the sense of unity that Freemasonry strives to uphold. Each Lodge is open to considering requests for affiliation, recognizing the importance of building bridges and embracing the collective wisdom of our diverse fraternity.